We can sign agreements. There are easier and more tricky ways to get this done. The easiest method is 10 steps:


Step 1: Cooperation

We have a chat with the technology principal with our partners in that country physically meeting the senior leaders of the principal with professional introductions. 


During this meeting we explain how Sri Lanka is trying to solve our national security challenges -- the principal should make use of this opportunity to explain how they can help us.

Step 2: Terms

There is signed principal representative (preferred), distributor or reseller agreement between the principal and us; where we can enter agreements with clients on behalf of the principal and also qualify, appoint and train resellers.


Step 3: Protocols 

We are a special firm in Sri Lanka: we are careful to request a written letter from the Chairman or CEO of any tech principals addressed to president, defence secretary and our top level advisor Hon. Thilanga Sumathipala who was the previous technology minister. We have a specific template we can discuss with principals.


This outlines the reasons why the principal wishes to help Sri Lanka defeat cyber security threats in a responsible manner. If this is not done, we suspect that the principal is up to no good and must be trying to subvert or spy on Sri Lanka.

Step 4: Prospects

We have a chat with the heads of priority 1: telcos, priority 2: banks (2nd largest first in UAT and then biggest followed by rest), and priority 3. military/ government, priority 4. retail and health and finally, priority 5. remaining larger prospects to perform a proof of concept test.


If there are specific measured success criteria, and we meet those as per conditional POC, we sign an agreement. If there is a successful POC or Proof of Value at priority 1: Telco, then, we can confidentially discuss and sign agreements based on these results with other potential beneficiaries. 

Step 5: Renewals

We renew contracts as the local representative and work on building our relationships, so Sri Lankans learn locally via our firm's associations with the local universities or for free to counter advanced threats in partnership with the principal.


Additional Steps:

Step 1. b: Friendship:

Build relationships with us, understand the value our firm poses to our small country to give our people a chance. 

Step 2. b: Fairness:

We of course, are a for profit enterprise and will prefer if there are generous ratios of partner margins in our favour, the rights to decide pricing when negotiating with our clients whom we often appoint and have enjoyed lasting professional relationships with over decades. It is also worth pointing out, as Sri Lanka is a poor country, we can use our diplomatic ability to improve deal making procedures. We have also benefited from using our local contacts to make requests for meetings with heads of tech companies in the US to further our aims.

Step 3. b: Respect:

We will prefer if certain things were added to the document templates we suggest, such as "oversight of our activities in Sri Lanka" or "Hon. Sumathipala" is our local representative which can make our work a lot easier and safer -- even if another government is democratically elected because our leaders feel safer knowing activities 100%.

Step 4. b: Trust:

The clients choose to work with us because they know principals are looking to "earn money" from our clients -- a derogatory form of colonial imperialism in their hearts and minds. We will always love to see that our partners see us as their equals who they truly wish to see independent, happy and successful. This ca only be achieved by coming up with reasonable 'packages' for our clients where our people do not have their futures robbed by paying ludicrous fees for an essential service and for their peace of mind.

Step 5. b: Relief

We can benefit if principals express eagerness in helping to push national policies pertaining to cyber security with our help. This can include training our students in universities directly or employees at banks, telcos and military to upgrade/ update skills and expertise.

Mr Lehan Edirisinghe, Chairman of Cyberspace with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Honourable Thilanga Suamthipala at Mr Sumathipala's ancestral residence in Punchi Borella Colombo 10

3. Top Level Leadership Matters

Leadership is needed because of Easter Sunday Attacks. We serve heroes to achieve security, we give them the confidence to take action fast and thoroughly. Right decisions at top levels are celebrated by the world's media.

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