Vision: Cybersecurity Made Easy

Mission: Making Life Better and Safer with Innovation

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

Deep Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (OWASP + OT + IT Security included)

(i) Athena Dynamics + Cyberspace Command perform this via the Good Hackers Alliance. We do projects at $100,000 per month, depending on scope and the requirements of our client. We try to find bugs, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, backdoors/ trapdoors, hidden threats, zero day attacks, serious crimes, etc. 

Usually, this helps find out where the gaps are--we recommend technologies or strategies to protect our client. 

Please Google Good Hackers Alliance or request for case-studies/ reviews/ references from our team.

(ii) Consultants and our team perform certain services if decided there's need for this. 


(iii) We have other teams ready to perform pen testing for you.