Vision: Cybersecurity Made Easy

Mission: Making Life Better and Safer with Innovation

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 


We're a social enterprise. Our success is not measured in profit, but by how we have helped our customer. We believe our customer are our customer's customer. If our customer is the government of Sri Lanka or the Bank of Ceylon (a public bank) -- then the citizens of the country and the bank account holder is our real customer. 


My uncles Jagath and Thilanga Sumathipala or Lal Edirrisinghe and his wife Deepa's brother Jeewaka Edirisinghe have lead or lead very prestigious organisations.


This includes the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC) -- the Buddhist authority in Sri Lanka, the World Fellowship of Buddhists, Sri Lanka Cricket, television broadcasting companies Swarnawahini Broadcasting, press companies like Lakbima Newspapers, conglomerates such as Edna Group, Sumathi Holdings or EAP Edirisinghe. Uncle Thilanga was chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom when they bought Mobitel. He's also served in Parliamentary Legislature and the Executive Government. His lawyer Gamini Marapana is an influential member of the Judiciary. My family has ties to the defence sector, gaming industry, energy sector, finance sector and lobbying groups which my father founded, such as the Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs.

So, we understand the country very in depth. We don't believe in the traditional way business is conducted. I found that many customers need to conduct business very slowly to double check the technology or perform due diligence. We don't seriously care about money. Money is just a way to produce value, results and realise our vision. I pay our whole team out of our profits. Nobody is paid a salary. We also do business with our customers in a cooperative way based on dialogue, cooperation and friendship. We honour our customers because we are our customer's customers. As such, we don't care if the customer buys anything from us or buys exclusively from us. We found the customers love us, they invite us to their offices, serve us tea and food and treat us as their friends. 

The Sri Lankan Market is very small. I know almost all the major shareholders, chairman, decision makers, IT security managers and officers of our customers. Our customers are always talking to us. We talk about films, Buddhism, politics, I remember going to the Ministry of Finance when we had two Prime Ministers! We had a laugh about it. I taught the officers there how to hack -- a little. There are important things money can't buy.


We act as a marketplace for cybersecurity. We offer cyber security as a Service (via our global roster of IT professionals), we act as a marketplace and review website for Technology products, we offer Education/ training/ qualifying, management consulting/ global advisory services/ Research for decision makers, Proprietary solutions, Resources and CSR.

We can't really talk about our success due to Non Disclosure Agreements. So, we won't betray our customers. We have written a letter to website visitors below. If you need more information, we can discuss in a face to face meeting.


17th September 2018

Dear Website Visitor


Under Good Hackers Alliance ("GHA"), we have completed 18 projects all over the world. We conducted criminal investigations, IT audits, digital forensics, deep vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (deep VAPT), training, incident response, etc.


GHA handle organisations such as banks, financial firms, global firms such as Samsung Electronics, LG, Lotte, Hyundai, ICT firms, government organisations, etc.

Under GHA, we roughly charge US$100,000 per month. It can go up to US$120,000 for 2 months  or US$180,000 for 3 months. We normally find 5 to 10 Zero Day Malicious Software, 1 to 5 Backdoors and over 50 vulnerabilities.


GHA once found 42 zero days, 8 backdoors, and 80 vulnerabilities.

This might be a hefty US$180,000 investment. But we stop bad hackers or criminals from causing destruction to life and from exploiting zero day malicious software (0days) or advanced persistent threats (APTs), Backdoors or vulnerabilities to steal much more than US$180,000, spy or cause trouble.

We stop people from stealing millions and millions of dollars; Pre-emptive prevention is the most rewarding return on investment.

We proudly partner with Professional Hacking Organisations such as Good Hackers Alliance, Technology Vendors, the CIA, the NSA and other international Intelligence Organisations to stop very serious criminals, syndications or terrorists.

We would love to add value to your organisation or operations strategies.

Yours faithfully

Lehan Edirisinghe

Chairman & Chief Executive