6. Rehabilitation Programs

This takes two forms:

(a) Substance abuse

This is easy. We want to legalise and sell drugs via the government, so, that we can control the problem/ danger.

We can begin helping users overcome dependency. They can be better family members as a result.

This will generate tax revenues. It will create new jobs, save money wasted on policing and increase our GDP.

(b) Prison Reform

This is to help prisoners get the best opportunity to turn their lives around.

We hope to release prisoners held for minor crimes. It's a waste of money to keep people who use drugs but have not harmed others in jail.

We're hoping to do what Lee Kuan Yew did, and help pay for and fight pro bono law cases for deserving persons.

There's a lot of innocent people we can help, as they otherwise can't hire lawyers when robbed.

Over here, it's mostly about using modern technology to improve our legal system's operating performance.


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