Sell/ Partnership

There's three types of selling opportunities/ partnerships we're looking for:


1. Reseller/ Vendor Partnerships:

We are looking for great products/ solutions/ technologies or expertise to help our customers. Our company is innovative and has access to all the potential customers for the Sri Lankan Market. This offer is for agent principals/ vendors or even distributors who want to work with our prestigious company to reduce risks and share success.

This is why we offer to "Sell" your products as a cyber security company.

2. Competitor Collaboration:
We want to work with, coordinate and cooperate with fellow IT companies. This includes Sumathi Information Technologies (SIT), Just In Time (JIT), Zillione-e and all other Information Technology companies in Sri Lanka. This way, we protect each other's bottom lines and ensure the market is protected successfully.

We can sell products together under a fair MOU.

3. All Other Deal Making:
We're open minded. We can offer rewards, opportunities and create ways to innovatively help anybody who wants to help our company grow. This is ideal for Small Businesses or Entrepreneurs who'd like to make deals. If you are an employee/ Decision Maker of a Potential customer (i.e. organisation), this is perfect for you.

We can pay you the highest international market rates for successful referrals or sales.

If this sounds interesting:

Please WhatsApp our CEO at +94 7777 60 555



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