Our Company

1. History


We started up on the 3rd of July 2018 after a top level dialogue in Sri Lanka with Lee Hsien Loong: Singapore Prime Minister and his colleague Ken Soh: BH Global SGX’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Founder of Athena Dynamics. 


2. Collaboration


Jagath and Thilanga Sumathipala advised us on successfully securing deals. Jit Warnakulasuriya, the largest systems integrator: Just In Time Group's owner agreed to guide us where required. Suresh Wijesinghe, Connex Information Technologies' director offers us the ability to resell or act as channel partner for their principals. The owner and chairman of Sumathi Information Technologies also advises us on business strategy.

3. Experience

Historically, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lehan's family founded Sumathi Holdings in 1948 and Edna Group in 1952: over 70 years experience in big business, 140 years cumulatively. Top political leaders are closely connected with Lehan's family due to interests in enterprise, religion, sport, media and of course, political leadership. Lucky for us, Lehan's uncle Honourable Thilanga Sumathipala's house and office are situated on the same road we're located. 

4. Team

Our team has grown stronger. Cyberspace Command is a unique, special company. Businesspeople partner us: profits are always shared equitably. Only the best want to partner with us, as they can stand to make more with us than anywhere else. As one can amass a fortune joyfully with us, one should not slave away his or her life in drudgery and dread til death. It is risk free for our officers to earn in months' with us what they shall otherwise sadly despair years to amass elsewhere. 

Vision: Cyber Security Made Easy

Mission: Better and Safer Life 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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