1. PTSD Treatment

We want Dr Babette Rothschild to offer leadership so our Sri Lanka medical care standards are enhanced to the highest quality in the world.

I think 5 private hospitals (Asiri's 3, Durden's, Nawaloka, ++) are owned/ operated by my friends. We should be able to cooperate with them on this. We can do more to enhance care of other risks next.

Everyone suffers. Buddha was traumatised seeing sickness, age and death. This is a sneaky, clever strategy to teach compassion, empathy, and make our society more humble, happy and caring.

As a defence/ cybersecurity company, we should find ways to understand stress in the workplace, burn out, insider/ employee attacks, and discover why people act the way they do by treating PTSD.

We can help those affected by the war. We can invest in the Samaritans Suicide hotlines. We can do a lot to save as many lives as possible.

Vision: Cyber Security Made Easy

Mission: Better and Safer Life 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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