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Please refer to the videos displayed on the right-side, we are seen making public addresses regarding the:

(a) recent Covid 19 Coronavirus; and

(b) fighting Covid 19 via social media;

(c) public televised Buddhist inauguration ceremony as Technology Minister; and

(d) Speech on public television as tech minister in Sinhala; and

(e) there is video of a 2019 private audience with Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa who is visiting our ancestral home residence with Derana TV and George Steuart Group chairman/owner Mr Dilith Jayaweera 2 weeks before President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected Executive President with 52.25% of total votes:


A bulk of Gotabaya votes were from Sinhala majority areas whereas Mr Sajith Premadasa only won largely Tamil majority areas in Jaffna, Nuwara Eliya and small pockets Colombo and also Muslim majority votes in the East -- it was close to 7 million votes versus 5.5 million.

Our people made all this happen by running a smart campaign, proper comprehensive planning and coordination -- this is what we do.


We possess prestigious, distinct in-depth knowledge of our nation's strategic plans, drive responsibilities for preserving traditional values and above all, advanced technology.

We try to make sure that our country is rapidly developing, by leveraging our assets, expertise and leadership skills -- especially, for national security and in sensitive high risk areas.

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Our firm can never stop the biggest security threats posed to Sri Lanka by ourselves; we are forced to partner with the world's best in a manner that is beneficial to our native land.


Our firm partners the world's best principals in cyber security for the purpose of providing services whilst updating our systems of belief, understanding and knowledge in cooperation with the best firms in the industry.


Without our participation, there is a very real and unacceptable danger that Sri Lanka can be betrayed by foreign nations with interests to destroy Sri Lanka as we have seen in the past.


This is why, the leaders of Sri Lanka and major organisations insist on our presence, so as to make sure any strategies, such as penetration testing (which is just another name for hacking) does not result in irrecoverable losses to our small, innocent and vulnerable country.

Hon. Thilanga Sumathipala was Chairman of two telecommunication companies Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd from 2002 to 2004; under Sumathipala's leadership SLT bought Mobitel before it was sold off to a foreign company in Australia.

You can find two links on the SLT website where you see him in the board of director and also addressing shareholders in the annual letter describing his efforts.

Additionally, if you search for <SLT articles of association> you will find this Articles of Association document published in 2002 as the first and only document available for download.

In page 20 out of 43, you see: 
DIRECTORS 78. The Directors on the date of adoption of these Presents are Thilanga Sumathipala, Shuhei Anan, Kalutanthrige Ananda Peiris Goonetilleke, Hubert Norman Gunewardene, Kazuhiro Yaginuma, Wellege Ruwan Harsha Fernando, Ajit Ravindra Ekanayake, Namasivayam Pathmanathan, Setsuya Kimura and Kiyoshi Maeda.

The object of this 12th November 2002 Articles of Association was:

To acquire and/or take over the functions of Sri Lanka Telecom in accordance with the terms of the Conversion of Public Corporations or Government Owned Business Undertakings into Public Companies Act No. 23 of 1987 and to develop, expand and extend further the business carried on by the said Sri Lanka Telecom.

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Legacy Logo
SLT Mobitel Updated Company Logo
Press Release 22 April 2021 Hon Thilanga

According to Wikipedia: 

"Hon. Sumathipala was the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka in 1997–1998, 2000–2001 and 2003–2004.

Between 1998 and 2000 Hon. Sumathipala was the director of the International Cricket Council and the president of the Asian Cricket Council in 1997–1998


Hon. Sumathipala was also the chairman of the Asian Cricket Committee in 2000–2001."


Hon. Sumathipala issued a Press Release: 

Hon. Sumathipala was Vice President of Sri Lanka Cricket ("BCCSL/ SLC") in 1995 under Mr Anandarajasingh Punchihewa and was again Vice President of SLC in 1996 under Mr Upali Dharmadasa at which time -- Sri Lanka won our first and only 1996 Cricket World Cup.

There are inaccuracies in this Wikipedia entry, as Sumathipala was President of SLC:

(1) 31st March 1998 to 31st March 1999;

(2) 31st March 1999 to June 1999;

(3) June 2000 to March 2001;

(4) August 2003 to 31st March 2004;

(5) 3rd January 2016 to 30th May 2018.

We have had to bravely fight foreign and domestic political, religious, judicial, commercial and even criminal or terrorist threats right throughout our existence in order to survive.


With our great successes, wealth and reputation came evil, jealous and nasty enemies who sought to steal, kill, destroy, betray and diminish our contributions -- whose contempt is masked by pretenses as "friends", "employees" and "allies" or "friendly decision makers" or "leaders".


Anyone is free to write anything in a democracy, this does not mean it is true. Our political enemies will naturally, knowing there is no rule of law in Sri Lanka, knowing full well that there are no defamation laws used, will write the worst lies they can to try to hurt, injure and humiliate us.

Press Release 22 April 2021 Hon Thilanga

Hon. Sumathipala's mother Milina was close friends with Mr H. K. Dharmadasa ("Nawaloka Mudallali"), in continuation of these ties:

Upali Dharmadasa is friendly with Lehan Edirisinghe, whose father Palith was Upali's friend, his wife Sandhya lovingly taught Lehan history and Upali cooked for Lehan -- who went to University of Leicester attended by all three of Upali's children. 

His older brother Jayantha Dharmadasa, who inherited the Nawaloka Hospital whereas Upali continued with Nawaloka Construction-- graciously helped Lehan to meet up with Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong despite having rifts with Hon. Sumathipala.

UNP Minister Harsha De Silva (who met Lehan at the COYLE Diplomats Evening the night before), UNP Chairman Mr Malik Samarawickrema and JR Jayawardena's nephew UNP Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe broke diplomatic protocols by allowing Lehan to stay in a VVIP area in order to begin our company with help from BH Global SGX CIO Ken Soh.

Unfortunately, Hon. Sumathipala was given a rigorous imprisonment for 2 years in 2007 for aiding and abetting Dhammika Amarasinghe Perera-a criminal implicated in 28 murders- to obtain a forged passport under the fake name of Buddhika Priyashantha Godage. Sumathipala, the chairman of the Board of Cricket of that time has co-signed a letter with another officer to arrange 1500 Sterling Pounds to release to Buddhika Priyashantha Godage under which name the underworld criminal Dammika Perera went to England.


Later Mr Sumathipala was acquitted on an appeal.

Sumathipala while preceding the chair of the SLBCC was also the managing director of Sumathi Newspapers and has confirmed that he was the owner of a bookmaking firm producing an affidavit to the British Courts in a tape-recorded interview: "I am a bookmaker. That is my job. So I cannot get mathematics wrong". 

Later, Hon. Sumathipala divested these interests in gaming which was operated by his brother and relatives. However, the ICC Code of Ethics further states that even family involvement in gambling disqualifies the person.

We want to make a few key distinctions:

1. Sweet-spot is "National Security", not just information technology or systems integration or cyber security.

2. Sinhalese nationalist lobbying is performed by: Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (which we formed in 1999).

3. Access friendly, top levels: Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon -- for important cyber undertakings.

 4. Global and street-level celebrity, favourable recognition and public credibility -- this is not found in any other firm locally.

5. Steer media, sports, politics, tech and Buddhism globally. 

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