Top Level Advisor for Cyberspace Command


Immediate Previous State Minister for Technology and Innovation (Republic of Sri Lanka)


Harvard University’s JFK School of Government and Harvard Business School (USA), London College of Printing (UK) and Nalanda College (Sri Lanka).


Previous Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Past President of Sri Lanka Cricket when he restored financial stability and built Dambulla International Cricket Stadium and Former Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) when he patriotically instructed SLT to buy Mobitel before it was sold off to an Australia company. These are the reasons we respect and seek his leadership on tech business and IT security.

Mr Sumathipala understands cyber security is critical because everyone depends on IT. In fact, everybody is our 2nd degree customer because all people are our enterprise customers’ end customers.


All people are our customer’s customer?


All people in the world depend precariously on government for security, banks for finance, tech/ telecommunications firms for data, information or communication, retail for food or essentials, hospitals for health, etc. IT attacks target clients such as governments, banks or telcos to either steal information or cause damage to gain leverage to blackmail, ruin and steal money.

This can lead to a total cyber disaster where all the money in Sri Lanka can be stolen by overseas criminals, all our sensitive information can be stolen by rogue state actors and our people’s futures can be dictated by dangerous villains overseas.

These are the essential reasons we need the one and only, heroic Honourable Thilanga Sumathipala’s suitably experienced leadership executing our national cyber security strategies in Asia.

Vision: Easy Cyber Tech

Mission: Better, Safer Lives 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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