Information for Applicants

We often receive 1,000s job applications. Sadly, we reject 99.99% of these. If we do not respond favourably within 10 business days, it is likely your application was rejected.


The following information was written without prejudice to help applicants who we select and the many whom we reject. The information could used to make better applications in the future.

Dear Rejected Applicant:

Thank you for your application and for expressing interest in discussing career opportunities with Cyberspace Command.


We Have Bad News:

After careful examination of your application, we have unfortunately concluded that we cannot proceed with your candidacy for the position at this time. A decision such as this is always hard to make as it requires us to choose from a group of highly qualified and accomplished individuals, such as yourself.

Regrettably, due to our candidate volume, we cannot provide individual feedback on the resumes of our 1,000s of applicants. As consolation for how you applied with a lot of hopes, we can confide that over 99% of individuals who seek positions at our firm are sadly rejected.

We restrict further applications and communication via Facebook.

Although we cannot interview you right now, we encourage you to study our social media or website contents to facilitate business. 


We appreciate your interest in our firm and hope we might connect with you again.


Mr Lehan Edirisinghe


Chairman and Chief Executive
Cyberspace Command

. . .
. . .


We will provide information to help you. 

The notifications entitled Explanation, Guidance, Appeals, Emails and Phone Calls will be sent to you.

. . .
. . .


Successful applicants at Cyberspace Command must be competitive with: 

1. Qualifications from top ranking universities (Harvard, Cambridge, etc.) or regional/ local universities in our field (cyber security, computer science, etc.)

2. Experience (CIO, director or equivalent of major bank, telco or military), public reputation (achievements published in media/ recognition by employer) or proven track record (CEO/ CMO who signed/ won major deals).

3. References and recommendations from leaders (minister with credentials), industry veterans (technology business owner/ operator) or experts (professors).

We hope qualifications, experience and top contacts help candidates realise who's who, what to do, where the action is at, how to win deals and why we are ideal for business.

. . .
. . .


We want to offer some assistance. We have compiled the following advice:

1. Gain Knowledge 

If you don't possess the extensive qualifications we need, we advise you start gaining free domain knowledge by:

A. Studying all the valuable information on our website: 

B. Researching 150 vendor solutions websites via links on our Solutions page; and

C. Learning HackerSploit YouTube playlist on penetration testing:

We hope that knowledge gives you confidence to:

2. Win Business 

We suggest you/ your top contacts network aggressively on our behalf with senior level decision makers of banks, telcos, government, etc.

3. Political Power 

We involve political support to win deals as cyber security is national security. 

. . .
. . .

"Appeals Notice"

Please write an email to me when you wish to appeal based on successful fulfillment of the following two conditions. 

1. Written evidence you successfully tried to proceed with "Guidance".

2. Come up with a plan to win business using our team, top level advisor and nigh-unlimited resources.





1. Any email mustn't contain any attachments due to steganography based cyber security risks. If it must contain photos or CV, add it to body of text.

2. We don't have the time to waste reading lengthy emails, try to write a maximum of one or two short paragraphs.

3. We're only going to provide our attention to or get involved in serious matters such as business activities and the hiring process.


"Phone Calls"

We may decide to contact you over the phone to hire you or support you.

1. The call is privileged courtesy extended to persons selected at our discretion.

2. We conduct background and reference checks via Sri Lanka Government Ministry of Defence and monitor calls for our safety as a high tech defence corporation.

3. We require you to not record calls with our representatives due to national security concerns, the "employer to potential employee" nature of any disclosure and due to the strictly confidential nature of our trade.

4. We want you to feel like you're being treated fairly at all times. If you feel like we're not being fair, please stop us and we'll address it before proceeding.

5. Avoid divisive topics or irrelevant issues. Just say "I prefer not to say" if you do not wish to answer any question.

6. Avoid negative, hostile or critical remarks about any individual or organisation.

7. Avoid disclosing the "Ten Ds": Debt, Divorce, Disease, Drugs, Death, Depression, Drinking, Dice, Deviancy or Dalliance.



Recommendation and Appeals:

Please send our chairman a written proposal, this is the only way to get hired at our firm because we plan ahead and require only candidates that can plan comprehensively. 

1. Our Partners helps our firm keep clients safe from cyber threats by improving with technologies
2. Our firm seeks agreements and to manage technology projects at telcos, banks, government, etc
3. We evaluate candidate's ability to plan and achieve results as a leader based on a written plan

3 easy steps to making an application:
Step 1: Make a Decision to Apply

a. Research this industry or speak with industry contacts
b. Involve your family and friends as you are serious and want to build a lifelong career and reputation
c. Uncover truths behind Sri Lanka's business world
d. Ask around, see what is happening, look through our website, look at our competitor's websites, gossip with friends, figure out how things work, etc
e. Accept our firm will exist with or without you, cyber and cyber security will happen with or without us in this industry


Step 2: Write a Proposal

Write a < 5,000 word plan which will only be read by our Chairman with the following three 1k:<2k:>2k word sections:

Section 1: Who are you?
a. Tell us about your life story, character and personality
b. We need to know we are hiring someone with a future to shine
c. This is where your values, religious and political views will be useful

Section 2: What can you do?
a. Tell how good you are with networking; provide a list of contacts
b. Signing agreements involves maintaining happy relationships
c. This is the hardest, but most crucial aspect of this document
d. This is where your family, friends and insights will be useful
e. We keep HR and marketing components strictly confidential
f. Try include referees, character references, recommendations, etc

Section 3: How do you see us working together?
a. Write a business proposal on a hypothetical cyber project.
b. It could however be any project related to defence or intelligence.
c. In this proposal, clearly write how Hon. Thilanga Sumathipala or the individuals who we anticipate support from may assist your project.
d. This is where a good MBA can be useful with business planning.

Step 3. Apply with a Proposal

Include your proposal, any CV or Resume in body of the text of the email and NOT as an attachment due to steganography cyber threats. 

Please send email classified "Confidential" with a subject line: "Job Title + Applicant" + 'xyz' personal touches to our chairman at:

< Lehan @ Cyber Space Command . com >

We will respond within 2 weeks if favourably interested by email or else we have rejected your application.


Next Steps for Selected Applicants:

1. Scheduled phone call, video conference or face to face
2. Complete Psych Profiling, Assess EQ and IQ Testing
3. Background and Reference Check by Ministry of Defence
4. Security Clearance, NDA, Collab Agreement and Probation
5. Training, intros and start work from deep end