What we do

We are a cyber security and defence corporation. Our team has to administer projects, manage technology and market solutions to enterprise customers for profit. All our people, irrespective of their title or department, are responsible for our sales process. All our employees have to write a plan on how they expect to close a deal, our senior officers approve this and we cooperate together on enterprise customers. We have gathered a lot of valuable information on the decision makers of enterprise customers and we attempt to maintain trusting relationships with them although this is tough work. We have on average ~10 points of contacts/ relationships with each of the 60+ prospective enterprise customers.

How we share earnings

Our firm shares 15 to 50 percent of our earnings with our employees. A deal at a large private bank worth $100,000 will be shared: 50% is retained by our firm and 50% is paid to our team. Our projects are worth millions of dollars. We do not pay traditional salaries to our team as we are results driven: if you don't close a deal you will earn nothing. The only three exceptions are when (1) a senior officer hires and pays out of his or her earnings/budget, (2) we pay an employee due to a decision maker or political leader and (3) for another final reason we want to hide to deter these three attempts because we prefer doing business with employees who see themselves as our business partners with a psychological and financial stake in our success.

What type of culture do we have

We are a more appropriate corporation for business-people to work with for a long term career as a sort of technology focused consultancy firm and we are typically not a suitable firm for traditional employee-worker mindset persons looking for wages for hire work. It is generally recommended that any employee budget for time as our projects take many months and maybe years to close, with the risk the deal may be dropped, rejected or stolen by rival firms. Our employees are expected to be pathological, vicious, fierce, assertive and ruthlessly cold blooded, as this is required for winning highly contested deals. 


We have generally preferred hiring persons from high socioeconomic or high income family backgrounds, people with proven ability for successful business networking with influential persons and also people who prefer to smartly invest their time, top level contacts or leverage assets for massive profits and to enjoy themselves -- in fact, both a lot of people who are not our employees, but are senior leaders of well known firms and also the most senior salespeople at competing firms love to support us with our projects when they have nothing to lose and only profits to earn. The reason we prefer to work with top business people is because we don't have the patience to deal with marketing executives who must sign deals within a deadline.

We are a flat organisation structure where our team is treated as equals and information is shared near perfectly when needed. We work on a first name basis, we have a lot of fun and it's not really seen as "work". Often the 15% to 50% is divided amongst our team willingly as the team realise it's much easier and only possible for us to win deals if we work together, putting aside ignorant greed. We encourage teleworking as we only care about results. We don't judge or social police anyone, especially not our competitors, customers or team members because one's personal life and challenges are their own private business.

Ideal Candidates for Us

We love to hear from our candidates that they can close deals by themselves, we love the teammates who can truly be "winners" that can win the big deals for us. We exist to truly make our teammates' dreams reality by working together. However, it is usually the case our Top Level Advisor is required to sign deals with top level decision makers at enterprise customers. This is because the senior decision makers respect and trust him. We often argue "cyber security is national security, only we're to be trusted".


How To Start

For safety and security reasons we have been required by the authorities, our partner vendors and the enterprise customers to require our employees to complete and sign our Employment Agreement which contains our Nondisclosure Agreement (as it will be a Employer to Employee disclosure). This is because a lot of information must be taught to our employees about cyber security or defence, which will make it possible for them to succeed with us--confidential information we must protect.

[The Employment Agreement is being designed to meet regulations.]

Instructions to complete our Employment Agreement

Step 1: Read through, complete, sign, scan to send us at info@cyberspacecommand.com and also bring this signed hard copy document when asked to meet our senior officers. This Employment Agreement contains many clauses which are unlikely to impact you towards the future as we have exclusive distributor rights to our principal vendors and partners right now. This Employment Agreement is known as our "Category 1 Employment Agreement". This will only be executed once we sign and send you a copy of this document, most likely when we see evidence of ability.


Step 2: In the field asking for "Position Title" and "Employee Benefits", write "Volunteer" and "Free" respectively or as directed. Depending on the candidate, we may request you type "Partner" as Position Tile and keep Employee Benefits blank OR to keep both fields blank in cases where we must evaluate you first to make sure, use this as a NDA only or to decide a position later. In special circumstances, such as when we are stealing the sales director, head of sales or head of business development at our competing information technology firms, we make edits to this Employment Agreement to cause special legal effects which make it possible for us to achieve certain special outcomes in our favour or to facilitate mutual interest.


Step 3: After completing induction, we will ask you to sign two additional Employment Agreements at a later date, these are known as "Category 2" and "Category 3" which contain agreements that are needed for you to be taught confidential cyber security techniques such as stenography or cryptography ("Cat 2") and about military defence solutions strategies such as armaments ("Cat 3") which will only be shared after rigorous background checks conducted by Ministry of Defence personnel, psychological profiling assessments and also when our senior leaders decide you can be trusted with such secrets.

Let's suppose you are selected, what next?


There are three aspects of working with us:

1. Technology -- understanding how cyber security works and our role to play

2. Marketing -- selling our solutions to enterprise customers successfully

3. Leadership -- making sure that our teams are integrating technology

When making an application on Facebook, it is helpful if the candidate watches the Hackersploit YouTube Playlist for free as this will provide a lot of valuable information on subject matter and constitutes intermediate domain knowledge ("Technology"). The candidate will be at an advantage if he or she tries to realise methods to successfully deal with the decision makers at enterprise customers such as government, banks and telcos or large corporations ("Marketing" or more accurately "Deal Making"). Finally, any of our employees are required to obtain, study and put into practise the knowledge on leadership found in MBA Reading List books of the best business schools in the world, specifically, when it comes to steering progress performance via technology, negotiation and deal making ("Leadership").


Vision: Cyber Security Made Easy

Mission: Better and Safer Life 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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