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We provide an essential service competitively by managing our sacred senior level relationships based on integrity to win deals for easy cyber tech with telcos, banks and military ensure better, safer lives. Our leaders are concerned by cyber, presenting you with a golden opportunity of a lifetime to be wildly successful. Please apply for a suitable position on Facebook and wait for a response or call from one of our team. 

Company Culture

We are a modern, liberal employer. Everyone works on an informal first name basis. We celebrate our diversity. Our team is encouraged to build trusting social friendships. We are an early pioneer of "work from home" program because we do not believe any aspect of our activities must absolutely be conducted only in our office. We travel physically: (1) when we must office visit a prospect customer, (2) for important business meetings or (3) formal or social events such as when entertaining vendors, partners and prospects at restaurants, bars or state or religious functions.


Maintaining Top Standards

As our firm must hang out as friends with global and local elites for big business -- including the heads of state, major shareholders of banks, CEOs of Fortune 500 firms or global tech companies, etc., we are especially careful when selecting less than 1% of our 1,000s job applicants. We conduct sophisticated background and reference checks on our team and applicants via the Ministry of Defence to avoid security breach attacks, betrayals or leaks.


It is strongly advised any job applicant or person associating us avoid disclosing any of the Ten Ds as listed by businessperson, Jeffrey J Fox, which are debt, divorce, disease, drugs, death, depression, drinking, dice (gambling), deviancy (behavior or attitude differs from accepted social standards or norms), and dalliance (sexual impropriety) as our physical office meetings, phone calls, video calls, web traffic and Telegram/ WhatsApp phone calls are all carefully monitored, recorded, transcribed (i.e. transcripts), studied internally and stored electronically, and shared with law enforcement when we feel it is helpful for us to do so.

Pro Leadership Strategy

Our firm has 6 divisions for ease headed by our core team leaders. Senior levels of our team are clearly listed on our team page. However, for security reasons, the director responsible for defence and Israeli or US relations is not mentioned. Certain directors and advisors have also been hidden to avoid attracting unwanted attention to our operations. These 6 categories are listed below, please click on these if you are interested to learn more:

Our Employment Agreement

Our company and team need to be safe when doing dangerous, complex work. Our Employment Agreement protects our firm and you. Please feel free to click on the Explanation Button where all sections are explained carefully for you:


Vision: Easy Cyber Tech

Mission: Better, Safer Lives 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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