Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We offer this essential service pro-bono/ as a courtesy to our clients. However, we do offer continuity and disaster recovery planning expertise for worst case situations--whether post-physical or cyber damages/ data theft. 

This is conducted by Athena Dynamics and a few other global leaders in terrorism/ IT security disaster recovery planning. 

It's not just Option Bs that Sheryl Sandberg would suggest, it's more of a go-to continuity + disaster recovery planning strategies codified from A - Z that can give your organisation confidence in how to face challenges.

We use probability: for instance A : (a) Safe 80% (b) Attacked 20%; (i) Outsider Attack 50% (ii) Insider Attack 50%, and so on and so forth.

If all goes to hell, well, don't worry. We saw 6,000,000 people, including a 1,000,000 children murdered. So, no matter what pain you go through--we can help you overcome it. We'll share in your pain with empathy as though we were attacked ourselves.

This is a mandatory service we will bring up when speaking with your team. We will give you an opportunity to consider advanced forms of contingency planning which many big firms use as best practice.

Vision: Easy Cyber Tech

Mission: Better, Safer Lives 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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