Board Room Training 

Multi-level Cyber Awareness Training – Board, Management, Staff, etc. 

Cyber awareness has been a neglected necessity in organizations. It is no longer so today. With heightened and wide spread incidents that continue to make headlines globally, the “awareness to be aware” has never been stronger.  We just need to do it right. To do it right, there is no short cut to it.



Cyber Security Awareness and Competency Training for Board, Senior Management, Rank and File:

1. What about a half-day Cyber 101 for your board member and senior management?

2. What about a one-day briefing on today’s advanced threat landscapes to your middle-management?

3. What about a one-day workplace security education to your office workers?

4. What about a two-day training on SCADA security to your plant operators?

5. What about a week-long training on Malware and its Anatomies to the technical team?


Think about it, if the people are equipped well at multi-level: Don’t you have a total people defence system?


This service is delivered by Athena Dynamics (part of BH Global SGX, Singapore) and Cyberspace Command (Sri Lanka) under the Good Hackers Alliance to interested parties.

Vision: Cyber Security Made Easy

Mission: Better and Safer Life 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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