Once Upon A Time 

$1 = Rs 4.77 (1949-66).

Slingshot by gambling leader Betss.com / Sumathi (1948) and weighing monopoly Ceylon Weighing Machines (1931):

Cyberspace Command ranks amongst our most admired high tech defence firms. 

Every day, we advise with our prestigious credentials on public policy with heads of:

Big tech, government, telcos, banks, retail, health and larger entities with help from:

(a) Sinhalese Nationalist Lobby: 

Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (founded by us in 1999: $3b+ per year)

(b) Buddhist Authority:

(i) World Fellowship of Buddhists (1950: 27+ nations and 535m+ globally); and

(ii) All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (1919: 70+% Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka);

While supplying advanced solutions to preserve our strategic interests with our personal involvement in every aspect. 

Until one day, we had an epiphany: only we can keep attain our $1 = Rs 4.77 dream.

Because of: 1. Politically Loyal Top Levels; 2. Domain Expertise; 3. US$100,000,000 Cash;

4. Max Legal Protection; and 5. Celebrity.

Def. Sect. Kamal Gunaratne, Ven. Assaji Thera, Hon. Thilanga Sumathipala & Pres. Gotabaya Rajapaksa
Kamal Gunaratne, Assaji Thera, Thilanga Sumathipala and Gotabaya Rajapaksa with wife Ioma
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Key People Feature On: 

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1. Enterprise Customer

We led our largest internet service provider (ISP) and telecommunications carrier:


Sri Lanka Telecom (1858) and also Mobitel (which Mr Thilanga Sumathipala bought) as Chairman from 2002 to 2004.


We understand critical Enterprise Customer perspectives better than competitors.

Click Portrait 2002 SLT Shareholders Letter!

Official Portrait SLT Chairman Mr Thilan
Official Photograph of Sri Lanka Telecom Board in 2002 of Mr. Kazuhiro Yaginuma, Mr. Ajit Ekanayake, Mr. Kiyoshi Maeda, Mr. N. Pathmanathan, Mr. Ananda Goonatileke, Mr. H. N. Gunewardena,	Mr. Shuhei Anan and SLT Chairman Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala
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2. Sri Lanka Government

Mr Sumathipala was placed in SLT by the Sri Lanka Government!


He was tasked with both making sure SLT Mobitel succeeded commercially and also with--


Patriotically improving our country's national security against foreign adversaries because ISPs/ Telcos are the gateway for attackers and enemy spies!

Recently, Hon. Sumathipala served as the State Minister for Technology and Innovation.

He also served as Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

These qualify us for national security.

Of course, we prefer to keep quiet about what we know in order to keep our people safe.

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3. Defence/ Military

Edna Engineering was one of the handful trusted companies in Sri Lanka tasked with making heavy weapons used to combat and defeat the LTTE.

We keep quiet about things because we are fear the terrorists are cowards -- and want to stay safe.

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4. Vendor/ Principal

We have maintained excellent relationships with billion dollar MNCs in technology and defence; including with major shareholders, Chairman/ CEOs and thought leaders.

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5. Local Supplier

We have represented heads of the largest technology companies in the world because we worked out clever strategies for Sri Lanka to prosper rapidly with their solutions.

We know all the IT companies in Sri Lanka, these include:


(a) Just In Time Group (1996): we awarded a Rs 2b SLT contract as Jit Warnakulasuriya was the only local supplier for a US firm. 

(b) Sumathi Information Technologies (2001): sell Lenovo, CISCO, etc.

(c) Connex IT (2014): we awarded Suresh Wijesinghe a firewall deal for our betting firm.

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