The most important people we know trust us for security.

We ensure decision makers have security solutions organisations require. Top level leaders, who risk everything, respect our judgement after 70+ years experience since 1948 and 1952. Our plan for Sri Lanka: "From Third World to First" -- we will do what we must to develop Sri Lanka.

Reputation Matters


As we have so much at stake, leaders know we can tell the truth: our bank accounts, passport numbers, addresses and activities are known. We partner less than 10% of Top 150 security providers to minimise risks as much as possible.

Less Is More: We Cherry Pick 10 out of over 5,000

We recommend only 10 prioritised solutions at any given time to decision makers directly. Right now, we offer just top 7; firmly suggesting 1 -- to make it easier for decision makers in telcos, banks, government, military, retail, health, energy, large firms, etc., who trust us with their lives.

Through collaboration, we have some interesting products and services, which are made known to decision makers confidentially because these are not for sale to the general public:

Trusting Top Level Leadership Relationships


After Sri Lanka's Easter Sunday Bombing Attacks in 2019, leadership was required. Our firm supports top level leaders who seek progress. Our enterprise customers are responsible for everyone. When enterprise customers need the most visible organisation with known people that can be trusted and have leverage required to achieve results, they pick us as the public don't forgive mistakes. We love sharing our own and customers' perspectives with our top leaders.

Vision: Cyber Security Made Easy

Mission: Better and Safer Life 

Values: Integrity Service Excellence 

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