Cyberspace Command make cyber security easy by explaining, integrating and supporting healthy IT security solutions which don't interfere with our client's day-to-day plans. We try to offer Services, Technology, Education, Research, Proprietary, Resources and CSR Activity with support from partner solutions providers.



We offer these services: 1. Boardroom Training, 2. Cryptography,  3. Counter Terrorism, 4. Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Planning, 5. Cloud Hosting, 6. Computer/ Cyber Law Advisory, 7. Cracking/ Deciphering, 8. Data Integrity Analysis, 9. Data Classification, 10. Deep VAPT (including OWASP), 11. Digital Forensics, 12. DNS Monitoring, 13. Incident Response Management, 14. ISO/ ITIL/ PCI DSS/ COBIT Compliance, 15. IT Audit and Reporting, 16. IT/ OT Best Practices, 17. IT Governance, 18. IT Planning, 19. Initial Checkups and Remediation, 20. Lawful Black Hat/ Offensive Security, 21. Lawful Bootstrapper/ Kernel Hooking, 22. Lawful Interception, 23. Malware Analysis and New Rules/ Heuristics Addition, 24. Performance Testing, 25. Proprietary Penetration Testing, 26. Protocol and Kernel Forensics, 27. Privilege Administration, 28. Regression Testing, 29. Remote IT Strategy Implementation, 30. Signals Testing, 31. Secure Data Transmission, 32. Secure Configuration (especially, SELinux), 33. Troubleshooting/ Rectification/ Debugging, 34. Virtualisation based OS Security, 35. Web Application Security, and 36. Web/ Network/ System Cyber Defence Review.



We offer these technologies: 1. Anti Exfiltration/ Anti Data Leakage, 2. Anti Spam/ Phishing, 3. Counter Espionage, 4. Cyber Intelligence, 5. DDOS Solutions, 6. Data Traffic Inspected Routing, 7. Database Integration/ Management System, 8. Data Sanitisation/ Filter, 9. Data Loss Prevention/ Protection, 10. Endpoint Protection Platform, 11. Enterprise Scheduling, 12. Enterprise System Management Frameworks, 13. Enterprise Networking, 14. Enterprise Resource Planning/ CRM/ HRM, 15. Extraction and Loading, 16. Enterprise Encryptors, 17. Enterprise Storage, 18. Email Security, 19. Enterprise Backup, 20. Enterprise Virtual Local Area Network, 21. Firewall, 22. Flash Array, 23. Honeypot/Deception, 24. ICS^2 (SCADA Control Systems), 25. Network Visibility, 26. Network Access Control, 27. Network Security Policy Management, 28. Mobile Device Protection, 29. Sandboxing, 30. Scramblers, 31. Secure Data, 31. Security Awareness, 32. Security Information/ Event Management, 33. Secure Virtual Private Network, 34. Servers, 35. Service Desk, 36. TOR based Network Anonymizers, 37. Web Security, and 38. Web Application Firewalls.



It's what we give that counts. This is where we want to go the extra mile. 
Our main CSR Programs are: 1. PTSD Treatment, 2. Combating Pornography, 3. Protecting Animals, 4. Nutrition, 5. Women's Empowerment, 6. Rehabilitation, 7. Accountability, 8. Sustainable Resources, 9. Employment, and 10. Conflict Resolution.



Everyone has an interest in our success. Our stakeholders believe a lack of economic security leads to extremism or suffering. So, we try to create wealth, good jobs and progress. This is everyone's duty. We try to help as many people as possible. We can train people who are able to learn IT security services or to manage our technologies.



Read our Shareholder Letters to discover our strategies. Our CEO can issue redeemable share certificates to our employees and a limited number of trustworthy, long-term investors. Please note we charge a minimum of $57,000 USD or Rs 10,000,000 LKR.  


We believe all potential enterprise customers and their customers are our stakeholders. We serve by maintaining relationships with our enterprise customers, so they have access to all the modern solutions available. We strive to serve all financial institutions, internet service providers/ telecommunications providers, government offices, healthcare providers, retail groups, large enterprises, etc. We have earned customers globally via cooperative collaboration with our strategic partners.

Please speak with our team for information on our customers and our relationships.

Vision: Cybersecurity Made Easy

Mission: Making Life Better and Safer with Innovation

Values: Integrity Service Excellence